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The Search for Winter Bib Tights

I’ve been tring to find a pair of bib tights for winter for about 10 years. I had a pair for Gore 2 tights that never really fit for a few years but got rid of them in the hope it would force me to find a pair that actually did fit and were comfortable. This is how it went:

I’ve always liked and trusted the Endura brand (I’ve had a pair of their bib shorts for over 10 years) but when I first looked for bib tights they didn’t have a reflective range, which is what I wanted as I only really wear tights in the winter when it’s dark and the extra visabiolity is required. The Night Vision range from Altura was and probably still is the most popular for this kind of kit but they are quite highly priced (not to say they arent necessarily good value) and I begrudged paying too much.

When the cycling specials came up at ALDI I gave a pair of theirs a go, but although the fit was good, the pad felt like I was sitting on a balloon. I usually find their stuff good but in this case I would stay well clear. RETURNED.

Soon after this I noticed Endura had released a reflective range – Luminites – which looked pretty good but didn’t have foot loops which I wanted but can’t think of a good reason why.

Altura Night Vision Bib Tights: These were always at the top of my list but are quite pricey. Having tried the ALDI ones I thought I’d bite the bullet and go for these. It’s hard to choose the size because what fits me in the waist (I’m 32″), doesn’t fit me in the leg (I need 33″). I’d need a Medium in the waist while I need an Extra Large in the leg. I went for a large; they were tight all over and the foot loops held the pad away from the body i.e. the legs were too short. EXCHANGED. I sent them back and exchanged for the same but in XL. These felt a lot better, though I think the leg was still slightly to short. The problem with these was that the refelctive transferred had come away from the material, or hadn’t been adhered properly in the first place. RETURNED. If they had fitted perfectly I would have tried a second pair.

I flirted with the idea of the Luminites again (even without the foot loops), but they aren’t available from Wiggle and I can’t shrug my (probably unwaranted) loyalty to Wiggle.

Eventually I went for something from a new range from Wiggle: dhb Flashlight. They have standard bib tights and a thermal variety, being as I don’t get too cold I thought I’d try the standard. Wrong choice. The material is thinner than my bib shorts, so thin that you could see my giblets through it, or if you prefer not to picture that, thin enough to read through. However the fit was really good. RETURNED. These have been returned, I hope then to order the thermal version. I’m confident they’re going to be perfect…

I must praise the Wiggle returns, refund and exchange policy and procedure, I have well and truly tested it with my bib tight search and it has taken very little effort using Collect+.

It may help you choose a pair of bib-tights to know I’m about 78kg (12st 4lbs) and 6’1” (185.4cm).

In the end I took so long it was Spring again and now back in shorts. In short, you don’t need bib tights.

***Update – I’ve found a pair!***

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