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The Search for Winter Bib Tights 2 – Morvelo Stealth Stormshield

Morvelo Stealth Stormshield Bib Tights

I’ve finally found a pair of Winter Bib Tights, it’s taken about 12 years but I now have a pair I’m 95 percent happy with.

To read about my struggle with bib tights have a look here.

I think I came across them when browsing the Morvelo site and was impressed with their sizing information; it gives you confidence you’re going to end up with the right size first time. If you consider buying from Morvelo then be sure not to bypass the real world sizing guide.

I went for the understated Stealth Stormshield version (more vibrant versions are available for the less introverted) in large (34″ waist, 34″ leg) – they are a great fit all round.

I’ve used them down to temperatures of -5°C without feeling cold and up to 7°C without feeling too warm. I wouldn’t want to wear them in temperatures much more than that though.

The only downside so far is that the stitching on the seams is easily ‘fluffed’. My top tube has minimal area for rubbing but the seams have been caught and are fluffy. In the short term this isn’t a problem beyond the aesthetics, in the long term it must comprimise the stitching’s strength to some degree.

They aren’t cheap either but when its taken 12 years to find your bib tight soulmate I was ‘happy’ to pay the £115 (cuurently £103.50).

Because I use them on my daily commute I would like there to be more (some) reflective panels or detailing.

Update 06\04\2017: Now completed a season in the tights and they performed well. The fluffing hasn’t developed beyond the aesthetic. The water resistant coating isn’t as effective as it once was but that’s my fault – I tumble dried them a few times – don’t tumble dry them.

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