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Rest Day 1: LEJOG Kendal

I might have been a bit harsh on Kendal last night. It’s not so weird in the light of day. It still has its fair share of weirdos – you can’t look anywhere without seeing a wonky eye, limp or Special Brew drinker. Apologies to those with wonky eyes, limps and drinkers of Special Brew – help is out there.

After phoning around (and giving the Thai Angels a miss) I was able to find a place for a massage. I can’t say I feel any better for it and I had to endure having a man rub uncomfortably close to my testicles.

The massage meant I couldn’t visit Windermere on the bus as I thought I might. I settled for a walk around the town.

Everything being well, tomorrow should see me pass into Scotland through Gretna.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a hot day so I’m hoping to get up at 04:00 and on the road by 05:00 to escape most of the heat and be lunching by noon.

I’m lead to believe the next 5 days will be nearly as hard as the first 3, so I’m hoping the previous 5 day’s exercise, coupled with the rest day will have given my fitness a boost.
Destination Moffat (North of Carlisle).

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