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Ned Boulting’s Bikeology Tour

***Ned has a new Bikeology tour for 2017***

First off, just in case you’re using this review to decide if to attend the Bikeology tour, then do, it’s good.

I’ve been a big fan of Ned’s since listening to his On the Road Bike: The Search For a Nation’s Cycling Soul book on a free trial of Aubible. His relaxed and sometimes irreverant style struck a chord with me and from then on we were going to be (unrequited) friends. It was probably Ned’s books that made me take the time to try and appreciate the Tour de France, as previously I found it a little unapproachable and boring.

Having seen his Bikeology tour advertised at the New Theatre Royal for a few months time, I decided to book a ticket early for a good seat.

The morning of the show arrived and of course I hadn’t puchased a ticket. Did I want to spend £20 to see someone who hadn’t even followed me on Twitter (Hi Ned, my username is @saddlesoreuk)? Of course I did! I don’t need the gratification of a follow on Twitter (that’s @saddlesoreuk Ned). I was lucky to get a ticket, there were only a few lonely chairs left.

19:00 (19:30 start) and I’m in the Guildhall Walk, Portsmouth walking to Sainsbury’s for some quick food before the show; an almond croissant, a cold coffee thing and a bag of mini jelly beans. Outside I saw my friend Graham (he follows me on Instagram) and his dad who were also going to see Ned – Graham had chips.

The first half of the show was about the bike, bike people, and what Ned thinks about them. The second half concentrated on Le Tour and gave some great insight into its history, riders and traditions.

The show was entertaining, Ned was articulate and clever, and the content was good mix of detail, fun, interaction and behind-the-scenes knowledge you wouldn’t otherwise know. I won’t go into any detail because hopefully you’ll go and see it for yourself. Perhaps when the tour is over I’ll elaborate on the content.

Although most of the show was stock content that will be repeated at every venue, there was a surprisingly large amount that was particular to Portsmouth. I hope and expect this is replicated for each venue respectively.

It seems you don’t even have to know who Ned is to attend or appreciate the show, at one point I heard a conversation along these lines “So who is he [Ned Boulting] anyway?”, “I’m not really sure”, “Oh right, OK”. I think maybe they were meant to buy tickets for the upcoming Monty Don gig.

As it says at the top, if you have the opportunity to go then do so. If you’re reading this after the tour has finished then you’ll have to hope he does another one and that it is as good.

Here are some photos of Graham and his dad returning with beer at the mid session interval and some other, surprisingly less interesting, subjects.

***Ned has a new Bikeology tour for 2017***

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