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Infrequently Asked Questions


What is Saddle Sore?
Saddle Sore is blog primarily about cycling but will also cover anything else that has interested me enough to type about it. None of which will probably be of interest to you.
I notice you use a lot of round brackets in your post, why is that?
Thanks for noticing, I use a lot of round brackets (parentheses) because I have a lot of non-essential rubbish to say. Anything in parenthesis can (not) be ignored.
I find what you've written offensive, what should I do?
If you’re offended by what I’ve written then what I’ve written is likely to be a joke, and if it isn’t a joke then it’s probably best for you to assume it is a joke. As well as offence you’re also likely to find some contradiction, hipocrisy, generalisation, and other naughty things.
There's a spelling mistake!
That isn’t even a question! If you see any spelling or grammatical errors please do let me know, but please be aware I won’t change it straight away as I don’t want to appear as though I care.

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