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Day 8: LEJOG Scone to Aviemore

Considering it was on a foam egg box mattress it was a good night’s sleep but I still couldn’t get up as early as I’d hoped. Luckily some arguing Oyster Catchers had over ideas and I away by 7.

There aren’t many places in Scotland and the map has changed scale, so every square is 6 miles rather than 3. It makes me feel like I’m making less progess and I get to throw less pages away.

2013-07-08 16.46.30

There is the NCN 7 from Calvine to Inverness and I took this route on and off depending on the surface of the track. They have a habit of tarmacing cycle routes as far as the eye can see then gravelling the rest.

A bloke on a photography trip started talking me at Dalwinnie (which smells of cat food), and as he left he gave me £10 (Scottish mind you) for the charity – I just spent it on dinner, unlucky dieing children!

2013-07-08 13.37.03

Roadkill: another mole! Several bunnies, loads of various birds (at least one bird of prey), a fox, a deer, and I think a dog.

Aviemore isn’t the place for someone who likes to waste money on outdoor crap, every second shop is an Ellis Bingham or even better a local outdoor activities shop. Sorry Charly, no food shopping this month.

2013-07-08 12.18.55

There are some parents at the pub trying to get their children (twins I think) to pole dance on a parasol on a pub table while shouting woo-woo, it’s not all bad though, one just got stung by a wasp (I assume wasp, could have been the less malicious bee). Let’s hope they aren’t allergic.

Yesterday I wished I saw a snake and today I did! I think is was a young Adder but it was back in the grass before I could say Cowboy Boots.

When planning this ride I was ready for headwinds, rain and snow in Scotland but not for 27.4 degrees in the Highlands?! If it wasn’t for my cycling shorts I’d have been in the river multiple times today. I can still see snow on the Cairngorm mountains (I might go up there tomorrow).

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