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Day 6: LEJOG Kendal to Moffat

Up and out by 05:10. Almost as soon as you leave Kendal you have the climb the 1400ft Scap Fells which wasn’t a problem surprisingly – I kept waiting for them to start and before I knew it I was in Penrith.

I was flying along like I had nothing in my panniers and reached Carlisle in no time at all so I stopped to have a drink and some food. I also checked my phone and found a text message from the B&B saying I’d left my sleeping bag and half my clothes there – excellent! A quick Google and I’m at ‘Free Time’ with a new bag and a lighter wallet. They only had one small/light bag, it was down and not, shall we say, budget like mine.

Cross the River Esk’s estuary and you reach Gretna and therefore Scotland. The first person I saw was actually carrying a bottle of Irn Bru, I don’t know why people conform to these national stereotypes. Any way I went to the café and got some tea and cucumber sandwiches and sat in the park. I paused Strava on my phone so my average speed wouldn’t be affected too much by my break and to save battery power.

From Gretna there were no stops and it was going fine, though my bum was suffering a fair bit. Knee not 100% but not prohibitive.

2013-07-06 14.42.27

I got to Moffat at about 15:15 thanks to my early start which I’ll hopefully do again tomorrow.

Turns out I didn’t restart Strava after at Gretna so I don’t have the last part of the journey saved which really annoyed me, even though it doesn’t really matter.

Tomorrow is my longest day in terms of mileage and the elevation isn’t good either. I sometimes wish I didn’t have this information.

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