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Day 10: LEJOG A Field to John o’Groats

So last night I cycled as far as I wanted then found a flat farmer’s field to camp in for the night. I must have gone to sleep straight away, woke up a few time, but got up at 05:30.

Yesterday’s effort of 140 miles only left me 13 miles to go today and it was easy terrain.

It was misty but the view over Sinclair’s Bay and Castles Sinclair and Girnigoe was still impressive.

Near Freswick I saw a big stag with huge antlers standing in a field. I took a small detour to take a pic and it turned out to be Reindeer, not bad but not the impressive stag I had hoped for but nice.

By 7 I was approaching JOG and the mist had mosty cleared, I could see across to Stroma and some of the other smaller islands.


I thought about cycling the mile or so to Duncansby Head (the most easterly point) then I thought bollocks to it.

I didn’t get any punctures, mechanical problems, I didn’t fall off, I didn’t get hit and no near misses so I’d say that’s a pretty successful trip. I just watched a girl with her feet clipped in to her pedals fall over sideways – probably the highlight of my trip!

It feels like I have blisters on my hands (I don’t), it feels like my behind is covered in boils (it may be, I dare not look) and my body has given up (it knows it’s over).

I don’t feel like I’ve lost any weight, I was 83kg with clothes on when I left so I’ll let you know tomorrow – I know you’re interested.

Got a taxi from JOG back to Wick and the driver asked what I so for a living, I made something suitably impressive up (breeding turtles) and then said “how about you?” doh, what a dick.

Too save lugging all my stuff on and off the trains and around the stations I’ve sent it all home. I popped into PoundStretcher bought some rubble bags and gaffer tape then away they went. They’ll probably get home before me.

On the train from Wick to Inverness (almost 5 hours) there was a girl about 5 I’d guess. She stuck her head between the seats and blew a raspberry at me, this took me a back as I’m normally the raspberryer not the raspberryee: I like to blow raspberries at children in the ultimate hope that the child will raspberry back, the parent will see/hear it and then hit the child – I have achieved this pinnacle twice. Anyway I ignored her raspberry (which was very hard) and briefly considered accidently trapping her fingers in the folding tray in the back of the seat – too much crying.

Tomorrow is London Euston and home.

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