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Day 1: LEJOG Land’s End to Bridgerule

I managed to get up just after 05:00 and was back at Land’s End by 06:00 – very foggy.

Strava informs me there was a near constant climb for 13 miles coming out of Wadebridge yesterday which will be why I really started to suffer at that point.

Today was the hardest day in terms for elevation gain.

The camp site I specifically chose because it has an on-site restaurant, and despite calling earlier in the week to confirm the restaurant would be open, was closed so I raided the site shop for Rainbow Drops.

I’m not feeling too bad but let’s see how I feel tomorrow.

By the narrowest of margins I’ve made it into Devon from Cornwall (by about 0.25 of a mile).

Oh, and I saw a place called Cocks.

Day 0: LEJOG Getting to Land’s End

We arrived in Land’s End about 11:00 after a 06:00 start (thanks for dropping me off Martin (my brother)). I nearly forgot to upload my routes to my GPS (Garmin Edge 800) – oops.

I start cycling tomorrow so today mainly involves feeling daunted. There was a chap here who just finished the ride the opposite way round in 10 days: this made me feel a bit better until when asked how he carried his gear, he replied “Car”.

Sennen Cove is only a few miles away so I took a walk down to pass the hours until I eat and sleep. It’s really foggy here today so the view was spoiled a little (see the pic).

In the 8 years Charly and I have been together I can probably count the number of days we have not seen each other on 1 hand, so to know I won’t see her or the rest of my family for 13 days is a bit scary.

So far I don’t think I have forgotten anything.

Sponsor my misery if you are willing and able, thanks to all those who already have (you can’t sponsor me anymore).